Holy inferiority complex, Batman

Gemma. 20. UK. :)

I'm currently training to be a make-up artist, studying Fashion, Photographic, Theatrical, TV & Film, Special FX, Body painting, Bridal, Camoflage Make-up and Creative hair.
This is what i do with my spare time :P
Come follow me, i'm sure i'll say something worth while ;D.

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"Oh that birdcage? Poppycock! Elevators are for old people" [/Irony]
"Don’t panic Edger! Upward and onward FLEEEE"


"I never planned that one day, I’d be losing you.
In another life, i would be your girl.
We’ll keep all our promises, be us against the world.
In another life, i would make you stay so i don’t have to say you were the one that got away”

Listening to rain outside your window while cuddled up in a blanket watching movies.
Getting a hug that lasts longer than a minute.
Standing on crunchy leaves.
Getting a text/phone call from someone you’ve been missing.
Making new friends.
Knowing you are loved.
Finding out the name of a song that has been stuck in your head for ages.
Having a lazy day.
When people laugh at your jokes.
Cuddling cute animals.
Cuddling warm clothes from the tumble drier.
Going for random drives.
Laughing so much you can’t breathe, Tears are rolling down your face and your stomach hurts.
Remembering the good times.
Checking your bank balance and having more money than you thought you would.
Realising you’re at a good place in your life.
Feeling so full after a big meal and falling asleep.
Knowing that no matter what happens, you have family and friends who love you and you will be okay.